14 Jun

Did you know that Weimaraners are originally from Germany? Because of their incredible speed and tracking ability, hunters used them to hunt bear and deer. This breed was so prized that only members of the Weimaraner club were allowed to breed and keep them. This so much so that only a select few people owned Weimaraners. And later when large game decreased hunters used them to hunt birds and the like. The blue weimaraner puppies have a distinct look with blue eyes as puppies and later gray. Their fur later turns grey which gives them the nickname the gray ghost. 

This coat is short and smooth and largely gray with some white patches. They are large and muscular with large ears that hang down the side of their head. They've also got very beautiful, kind eyes that make this large dog seem a little less intimidating.What about their personality? Weimaraners, even though they don't look like it are friendly dogs. They are active and energetic and always eager to play with kids. They are quite affectionate and loyal and will often give standing hugs. Because they are such active dogs, it is important that they are trained so that you can control their energy. 

Weimaraners are very protective and will bark quite aggressively if not trained. That's why it is important that when you get a blue Weimaraner puppy, make sure that they are trained. And because they grow to be quite large dogs, it is important to supervise when they are playing with young kids as they can knock them over. With that said, Weimaraners are beautiful, loving dogs that when trained will easily become a part of your family. Furthermore, because they are very active, they require lots of exercise. If you are one to go for long hikes or runs, this is the dog for you. They don't like just sitting and doing nothing, they enjoy having a task to do and then being praised. Here they will thrive and you will enjoy choosing this breed. 

They also love contact and will enjoy being inside with the family. This is not the dog to keep outside in a kennel even if it looks like it fits. Even though they are large and strong on the outside, they are quite soft on the inside and look to stay close to the family. You don't have to worry about extreme shedding with Weimaraners. Their short fur guarantees that you will only deal with minor shedding. You also don't need to groom them all the time, a bath once in a while when needed will do. 

Also, brushing once a week will be more than sufficient for this lovely dog. Their ears might also need some trimming every once in while and when you come from a hike, check their paws. They might have debris or an injury that you won't want to miss.Last but not least, this breed doesn't get sick very often. However with larger dogs, you will want to look out for bload. And especially for deep-chested breeds such as Weimaraners, thry are quite prone to bloating. Other things to look out for include skin allergies, hip dysplasia and excessive growth.

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